Naveen James Rao

Naveen James Rao – Residential Home Loan Specialist

Planet Finance

About me

Most of my career and business life has been spent with Manufacturing Industry in a role that can be defined as techno-commercial. I have had the chance to be in company of lot of Bankers and the stories they had to offer always enticed me. I love the finance industry because it is such a fantastic opportunity to help people and make a real difference to their lives through the quality of help one can give them.


FINSIA – Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking) FNS40804
Australian Credit License Holder with ASIC
Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) – Full Member

While I have gained the knowledge and experience to identify customer needs to suit their current lifestyle and goals, it is my honest love of life and helping people that really inspires my commitment to getting great home loan deals for all my customers.

My personal advice to every home buyer or investor is to know the start-up and ongoing costs and fees for your home loan. And get into the habit of using a budget. I know so many professionals who are responsible for huge budgets at work and yet their household budget is in shambles!

Definitely utilise a budget once you have loans. And finally, unless you are made of steel, with finance, crawl before you can walk! Live comfortably. Enjoy life to the fullest – don’t live for your debts – live for life!

Please find below a synopsis about me and why I manage my own Mortgage business.

We started Planet Finance Pty Ltd in March 2015 because I saw two major flaws in the Mortgage Industry:

  1. Lack of education to clients from the Banks.
  2. Lack of after settlement support.
  3. An ever increasing boom in the area.

Although the Banks are my business partners, I do not place any of my clients with specific products just so the Banks can make massive profits for their Shareholders and CEO pay packets; in fact I do quite the opposite.

Banks are one of the great Australian business success stories and they should be commended on running and managing a viable industry. Without their strength the GFC may have seen Australia really struggle.

Unfortunately their addiction to growth, in my eyes, has meant that Shareholders and CEO’s come before their staff and more importantly their customers, you… At every touch point they create with their customers they try and sell more products like Credit Cards, Mortgage Insurance and other highly profitable financial products or services.

Australian Banks promote the mixing of Savings Account and Credit Accounts (Credit Cards & Home Loans etc.), which is extremely dangerous because the banks are now in business to create a data base where they profile every single customer.

If you have all of your banking products with one Bank, they now know:

  • How much you earn
  • When & where you spend your money
  • When you go on holidays
  • When you go over your Credit Card limit (classified as a default)
  • And so much more…

I have seen clients be rejected finance simply because the bank knew too much, categorise their customer and classified them as risky, when in reality the opposite was true.

I have seen clients lose their potential dream home because the Bank Manager cross-collateralise the property being purchased with the parents’ home. This is another extremely dangerous practise that the Banks promote every day of the week because it reduces their exposure to risk, therefore working in their favour instead of the customer.

My top goals for every client are to:

  • Find a loan product that is suitable for today and is flexible into your future
  • Help you understand and manage your Home Loan so that your money is working in your favour – NOT the Banks!
  • Provide you with an ongoing first class service

As a result of my first class service approach, my valued clients refer their friends, family members, co-workers, neighbours and other acquaintances they know to me when requiring assistance.

My Commitment:

  • From your perspective:
    • I have treated you with the utmost respect throughout the whole loan process
    • I have exceeded your expectations
  • From my perspective:
    • I will sleep easy at night knowing that I have acted in your best interests

My Guarantee:

  • I will allow you to cancel your loan application with me at any time if you are not satisfied with the level of service I have provided
  • I will listen to what is most important to you and place you with an appropriate loan product
  • I will do what I say

I wish you all the best in your search to find the right loan product for you and I look forward to meeting with you if you choose to use my services.