Personal Loans

Personal Loans

A simple and convenient way to borrow money for a personal requirement – education, car, home renovation, furniture, holiday or just anything.


Whether you want to make a major purchase, plan a holiday, purchase your new ride, finance your dream wedding, education, or simply consolidate your debt, a personal loan is the solution to reach your goals. Contact Planet Finance to make this easy for you, and our team will bargain the best deal from the banks or financial providers to get you a personal loan with low interest rates.

Personal loan is about choosing the lifestyle you want to live and making your dreams true.

Features of a personal loan:

Payments that fit your budget: You can make your payment monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly to repay your loan.
Suitable Interest rate options: It depends on you whether fixed or variable interest rate is best for you. You also have the option to change from fixed to variable at any time if prime rate goes down.
Funds upfront: Get the amount of credit you need to make your dream true.

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